I'm a Realist...I tend to see things for what they really are and that's how I create, realistically. But in every instance, there is much more than meets the eye. My challenge is to reach a place in the painting that goes beyond  a simple representation of what I see, capturingjob the spirit of the moment, the mood of the subject, and a sense of emotion in the painting. I find the true essence of the image with the medium--the colors, the brush strokes, the textures. I paint a variety of subjects. I tend to embrace the beauty around me whether it is the joy of a child feeding the ducks, the radiance of a sunset, or an afternoon mountain shower in a resplendent landscape. To me, a successful painting allows the viewer to see a story, experience the passion, remember their own experiences as they smell the fragrance and taste the spice, and feel the power and emotions of a moment in time.








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